AQUA AEROBICS: Strengthen your joints and muscles with low impact resistance training in our heated pool.

BARRE:  Combines core conditioning of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga while increasing stability by using isometric exercises.
CARDIO BOOTCAMP:  Intervals of athletic and cardio drills using body weight and dumbbells.  

BOOTCAMP: Circuit training drills and exercises to help improve your strength and endurance.
CYCLING: Hop on one of our new state of the art Keiser bikes while in our new 800 square foot dedicated cycling studio. The classes are taught by high energy, passionate and experienced Instructors who use various types of music, tempo, and tension to create an fantastic atmosphere.
FOREVER FIT: This class focuses on the cardio and strength training which will vary week to week for the beginner and intermediate participant. 

HIIT & FIT: High Intensity Interval Training varying timed intervals alternating between high and low intensity to burn calories, increase endurance and build
INTERVAL TRAINING:  A combination of cardio, and strength training intervals using dumbbells, body bars, stability ball etc.  
MONDAY MORNING MASH-UP: This class is sure to start your week off on the right foot!  Each week will vary. The change will keep your body and routine fresh. 
MUSCLE MASHUP: A full muscle and strength class using barbell, dumbbell and body weight exercises that target each muscle group. 
OPEN BOXING: Learn how to jump rope, shadow box, slip punches, hit the heavy bag and speed bag with former professional boxer, Pamerson.
P90X LIVE:  A mix of Cardio, Lower Body, Upper Body and Core exercises.  High energy class for all fitness levels.

PILATES: A system of exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture and enhance metal awareness. 

POUND: A full body cardio jam session combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. It fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric poses and plyometrics into a 45 minute series. Get ready because this class burns 400-900 calories, per class!!
POWER HOUR: An intense fat burning workout that utilizes various strength and training equipment. Focusing on power, strength and endurance.  
STRENGTH & SCULPT:  Total body strength workout to sculpt and tone your entire body.
YOGA: Low impact Hatha Yoga that utilizes a variety of poses & relaxation techniques to build flexibility, strength and balance.  
ZUMBA: High energy class featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.